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Day 7
  • Travel to the scenic landscapes of the Sikkim, in the lap of the Himalayas.
  • Ride through the charming hill stations, quaint villages and winding mountain roads.
  • Make your way past snow-capped peaks and shimmering lakes in the crisp mountain air.
PRICE: ₹18 000/-
Siliguri to Pelling | 130 km

We kick start the tour from the buzzing city of Siliguri, after which we ride to Pashupatinagar International border check post and then ride on to Simana View Point. We park the wheels for the day at Pelling after an exhilerating ride

Pelling to Yuksom | 40 kms

Day 2 starts with a ride to the Pelling Buddha statue & skywalk which is an interesting steep climb followed by more than 10 km off-road downhill till we reach Kanchenjunga falls, then we proceed to a 1-hour off-road sand drill road after which we head back to Yuksom for dinner.

Yuksom to Gangtok | 162 kms

Get a dose of mountain road riding as you make your way to the city of Gangtok. Moving forward, ride past the banks of the Teesta river and incredible mountain views.We will then join the snaking mountain road and make our way to Gangtok.

Gangtok | Rest Day

In Gangtok, we will do a riding tour of Gangtok along with site seeing at the same time creating eyeballs for the company within the town, this will be a half day ride.

Gangtok to Aritar | 154 kms

We ride through a delightful twisty tarmac mountain road in the direction of Aho which will test the limits of the rider and the machine. Then, we ride on the forest road to the hidden lake followed by some group pictures on the hilltop in pre sunset light and ride back to the hotel.

Aritar to Kalimpong | 124 kms

On the way to Kalimpong, we take a long hilly route with forest cover to Rangpo & ride through the secret trails around the Neora Valley National Park. We join together for celebrations and certification before winding up the day with preparations for the final leg of the North East tour.

Kalimpong to Siliguri | 68 kms

Head to Siliguri through enthralling roads that run alongside the Teesta river banks. Catch a glimpse of the famous Coronation bridge before parking our wheels at home safely. The day ends with sharing riding stories and a homely meal.

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  • Calendar
    20-26 Dec ’21
  • Bookings Open For
    20-26 Dec 21
  • Location
    Start Location: Silliguri
    End Location: Siliguri
  • Distance
    678 km
  • Terrain
    Tarmac, Forest, Hills
  • Duration
    6N - 7D
  • Price
  • Master Trainer
    Philippe Geelhand
    Founder, Off-road Instructor - PP Adventure Rides.

Accommodation on double/triple -sharing basis in campsite / guesthouse / hotel depending on the availability

3 meals on all tour days- starting from breakfast on day 1 till the last day of the ride. Morning & Evening tea / coffee is also included

One motorbike mechanic in case of any breakdown

First Aid Box and a paramedic to administer basic first aid

Services of a Tour Manager to coordinate logistics

Any meal, service or charges not mentioned in inclusions

Petrol expenses, insurance and mandatory COVID test, if required for any of the riders

Environmental & Permit fees

Any entry fees, monument fees, guide charges, camera fees, tolls, parking, activity charges, etc.

Any juices, soft drinks, bottled water, beverages, etc.

Any shipping assistance provided to transport your bike to the starting city

Cost of any spare parts consumed during the ride

Any costs rising due to delays, roadblocks, medical emergencies, breakdowns, etc

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Rules & Guidelines

Tours/ Rides/ Track Event Rules
  • Follow all rules and regulations of the ride and the Pilot Rider. They are for your and fellow riders' safety.
  • Riding gear – We recommend every rider should have at least the basic safety gears such as right size helmets, riding jackets, hand gloves, riding pants / knee guards, protective footwear, etc. Riders will not be allowed to ride in shorts, track pants, or sleeveless vests at any time during the entire ride.
  • Zero tolerance – Riders who have bad motorcycle attitude, ego issues or under the influence of any kind of alcohol or drugs during/ beginning of the ride will not be allowed.
  • The Expert rider will be conducting alcohol tests every morning as per the routine. Failing to meet the requirements will result in the Expert rider expelling you from the ride immediately.
  • Riding Formation – Always follow the riding formation and guidelines laid by Road Captain. Each rider must maintain strict discipline when it comes to riding formation and riding speeds.
  • Traffic Laws – Follow all the traffic laws. Breaking of any traffic law will not be tolerated. If a rider is caught by any of the traffic cops for breaking traffic laws, he / she will be responsible for it and must handle that situation by himself / herself.
  • No Stunts - Performing bike stunts will not be allowed while on the group rides.
  • Communicate – Always communicate through signals with your Pilot rider, or any of the fellow riders just in case you are facing any kind of riding problems or any kind of health issues during the ride.
  • Documents – Please maintain all the necessary documents of your bike such as Vehicle Registration Certificate {RC card}, Insurance Certificate and valid Driving License.
  • Maintenance – Get your bike serviced in time, go for a short ride and ensure your bike is as fit as you for the travel to avoid unwanted interruptions to you and our fellow riders.
  • Fuel - Always fill up your tank before the ride so we don’t want have to stop unnecessarily for fuel on the way and cause delays.
  • No Mobile Usage – Riders are not allowed to use electronic devices such a mobile phones, cameras, video cameras, while they are on the ride.
  • First Aid Kit – Always carry your personal first aid kit along with you while coming on the ride. This is for your own safety as the Pilot rider may be unaware of your medical conditions and appropriate medications.
  • Necessity – Always carry hard cash along on the ride. There may be many places where there may not be any ATM available and there may be many places where people don’t accept digital forms of payments.
  • Acceptance – Always be ready to face all kinds of weather conditions, including rains while you are on ride. So, it is better to carry your raincoat, luggage cover, or your winter coat as well.
  • Changes – There may be last moment changes as well in the plan or in the route depending on the few unavoidable situations.
  • Remember to Carry - One set of extra comfortable clothes, a water bottle, some healthy snacks and a small hand towel.
  • Enjoy - Enjoy every bit of the ride with a relaxed mind, never try to be in a hurry.
The New Normal of Covid-19
  • Considering the new normal, we intend to keep riders’ safety first by undertaking all the necessary precautions during the ride.
  • All Places of stay have been chosen considering COVID compliances.
  • However, all participants are expected to keep sanitizers, gloves, face masks in their riding kit, enough to last the whole duration of the ride.
  • All participants are expected to maintain social distancing at all times.
  • All participant will have to download the Aarogya setu app for the entire duration of the ride and the status will be checked every morning at Breakfast time.
  • Temperature check will be done every morning and evening, right from day one.
  • Signed declaration indemnifying agency for KTM by all participants giving their consent for both COVID and third-party liability.

Things To Carry

  • Please note that you will be carrying all your personal luggage on your bike, therefore pack accordingly and bring minimal items to make sure your ride is comfortable.
  • RTPCR Test with negative results mandatory, if required for any of the riders
  • You will have to strap your luggage to your bike. Carry your stuff in a duffel bag, soft shoulder bag or a rucksack that you can strap on to your bike. Carry a waterproof cover and straps for your luggage. Please avoid carrying expensive watches, jewellery and electronic items on the ride. You are responsible for the safety & security of your personal belongings.
Personal items:
  • Personal documents: Drivers License
  • Vehicle documents: RC/ Insurance/ PUC
  • Personal clothing, if needed - Light t-shirts, Trousers, Light fleece jacket, Small light weight towel, Cap/hat ,Comfortable shoes/floaters for off-the-bike wear, Insulated water bottle and/or hydration pack, sunglasses with UV protection and ability to cut the glare, spare pair of socks
  • Personal toiletries, sunscreen lotion, lip balm
  • A small First-Aid kit and Medicines, any specific medication you may require, torch / flashlight (with extra batteries)
  • COVID Safety Kit; Face masks, gloves, sanitizers etc
  • Basic tool repair ki, extra bungee cords/ luggage locking belts
  • Piece of rope, spare key of your bike
  • High energy snacks
  • Waterproof pouches for securing electronic items
  • Spare spectacles, glass cleaning solution.
  • Light warmers and rain protection wear.

How To Prepare Your Bike

We strongly recommend you service your motorcycle at the nearest KTM service center. Ride the bike for a short weekend trip before the tour onset. Ensure that the following is being addressed at the service center with the help of the technician.
  • Inspect your suspension before the trip
  • Check the rear swing-arm bush for wear and tear and replace if necessary
  • Check your chain and rear sprocket for wear.
  • Your bike’s clutch is really crucial for this trip. So make sure that your clutch is in order and adjusted properly without trace of any drag, slip etc.
  • Check your battery and earthing connections. The demanding terrain and the riding conditions that you and the machine are likely to encounter on the route could further accentuate existing problems.
  • Check all cables and if any are frayed, replace them.
  • It is critical that you know your machine’s fuel consumption.

Recommended Gear

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