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Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4
Session 5
Session 6
  • 1–day training programme
  • Learn with classroom-based and track sessions on racing basics, cornering, racing lines and advanced techniques like throttle control, counter steering, leaning etc.
PRICE: ₹3,000/-
Classroom Session (C1)
  • Man & Machine
  • Physical & Mental Fitness
  • Difference between Road and Circuit, and Braking Methods
Track Sessions (T1)

Deepen your understanding of your KTM machine by applying the learning of the classroom session. Get into the race-day mindset, follow your instructor and feel the bike react to every input of yours.

Classroom Session (C2)
  • Understanding Circuit Racing
  • Body Position and Rider Vision
  • Gear Shifts
  • Braking Methods - Front Braking
Track Sessions (T2)

Grasp the art of cornering and hitting the apex. Apply the body position and rider vision techniques to make yourself aerodynamic and set up for the next corner. Set your personal best on every lap.

Classroom Session (C3)
  • Throttle Control
  • Lean Angle
  • Steering Input
  • Counter Steering
  • Crash Management and Feedback session
Track Sessions (T3)

Push your limits on every lap by applying concepts of lean angle, steering input and counter steering and emerge as a better racer at the end of the track session.

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  • Location
    MMRT, Chennai
  • Length
    3.7 km
  • Terrain
  • Duration
    1 day
  • Price
  • Master Trainer

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Evening Tea ( snacks )


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Only for KTM Duke & RC Owners
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Things To Carry

  • 48 Hrs COVID test/ General medical test report
  • Covid Safety Kit; Face masks, gloves, sanitizers etc.
  • Full-face helmet, with D-ring (mandated minimum requirement – ISI is not allowed )
  • Riding boots, no sneakers allowed
  • Leather gloves with Knuckle protection
  • Race Inner suits (Skins/ Under suits)
  • Valid Driving License
  • Valid ID Proof apart from Driving license
  • Vehicle Registration Papers
  • Personal Insurance (Preferably Accident Policy)
  • Vehicle insurance
  • Personal Water bottles
  • A face towel

How To Prepare Your Bike

  • Ensure the tyres are in good condition , work out tyres will not be allowed
  • Ensure the bike is well serviced (Engine oil and brake oil to be checked)
  • Ensure you are carrying enough fuel
  • Ensure your brake pads are not too worn out
  • Ensure tyres are not worn out
  • There would be multiple sessions on 1 day, adhere to the schedule and allocated session for the day.

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